Last updated: 2 November 2018 


Address: 407, Stanley Plaza, 23 Carmel Rd, Stanley

Phone number: (852) 3488-2797

Opening hours: Monday - Friday 11:00AM - 7:00PM; Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday 10:30AM - 8:00PM

Official website: http://wafflemanhk.wixsite.com/home


it is about free choices in lifestyle, people’s love for food and spending happy time with their beloved (regardless of their dietary preference)..
— Wendy, founder of Waffleman
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How many times have you been in awe of amazing local eats that you have discovered while you were travelling? Have you ever thought of bringing them back to Hong Kong? We might all have had these thoughts but we did nothing concrete on them. Wendy is different. When we were travelling in Brussels together, we were partners-in-crime and explored many gourmet chocolate shops and waffle shops in the city. Nothing happened for a few years afterwards and we just went back to our studies and started working like what a lot of people do. Then one day, Wendy announced that she was quitting her job and would start a waffle shop to bring Belgian waffles to Hong Kong. We were shocked but amazed at the same time. We were so proud of her indeed, witnessing how Wendy went to Brussels to learn the craft from waffle experts, tested countless recipes (with us in the background indulging in the yumminess - indeed all the different versions of the waffles were all so delicious), started offering them in events, and finally opened her own shop in the relaxing corner of Stanley. Waffleman is born out of Wendy's love for sharing. In the five years of Waffleman, Wendy has brought so much joy and happiness to her customers (more like her friends now for a lot of them!) and she is constantly striving to bring new offerings to Waffleman to keep everyone happy.  


Although not a vegan herself, Wendy is open to the ideas of a plant-based diet. She is always the most helpful person on earth and she loves to see her friends happy, including her plant-based friends. She started looking into various plant-based recipes and tested for months to find the perfect formulation that best presents her waffles using only plants. And she made it! I'm so proud of her - now I can also enjoy my favourite Belgian waffle (with apple and cinnamon of course!) at my dear friend's place! 

Waffleman is a lovely place at Stanley Plaza, welcoming locals and tourists alike. The spacious seating area outside Waffleman, overlooking the sea, is a popular hangout spot for a lot of people. Sharing a waffle (and the many other offerings they have including brownies, cheesecakes, etc.) and a drink with your loved ones is just about the nicest gift you can give to yourself. Not to mention the lovely team behind Waffleman that makes you feel so at home. It is definitely worth the trip to Stanley - you won't regret it!

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Now let's find out more about Waffleman together! 


Tell us about Waffleman

Waffleman exists because of our love for food and sharing. Like many others, our founder Wendy was travelling in Belgium when she was amazed by the unique taste and chewy texture of Belgian Liege Waffles (Gaufre de Liège), which was not the most common type of waffles in Hong Kong back then. Years later she visited Belgium again to learn about Liege Waffles from shops and factories around Brussels and Liege, and Waffleman was then born to spread the sweet indulgence (and happiness that comes along!).  Waffleman is now 5 years old and while we serve more than waffles today, we feel very lucky to have met all the happy people here at Stanley.


Why did you choose to become a SocialVegan eatery partner?

We occasionally heard about customer preferences in vegan options but not until we learnt more about veganism from SocialVegan, we understood the meaning behind vegan options - it is about free choices in lifestyle, people's love for food and spending happy time with their beloved (regardless of their dietary preference)...These are values that Waffleman has always been excited to support. (Also, simply because we have to make sure when SocialVegan visits, we can see that smiley face over her favorite apple cinnamon waffle!)