Le Pain quotidien

Last updated: 1 March 2019



Address: Unit 008, Level LG1, Pacific Place, 88 Queensway, Admiralty

Phone number: (852) 2808-1837

Opening hours: Monday - Sunday 7:30 AM - 9:30 PM


Address: Shop 1089C, 1/F, Elements, 1 Austin Road West, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon

Phone number: (852) 2521-1377

Opening hours: Monday - Sunday 8:00 AM - 10:00 PM


Address: Shop G40-41, The Avenue, 200 Queen's Road East, Wanchai

Phone number: (852) 2520-1801

Opening hours: Monday - Sunday 8:00 AM - 10:00 PM


By becoming a SocialVegan Eatery Partner, we could let more people to know that we are offering different types of vegan food and we will also be able to promote the plant-based diet to the public in the near future.
— Dining Concepts

Think brightly lit warm space, rustic country house ambience, wooden communal tables with abundance of jams and speculoo spread on the table. Which restaurant came first to your mind? It just has to be Le Pain Quotidien. I love how despite their rapid expansion globally, they retain the core of their values - homey, unpretentious social space for family and friends, with the most comforting food made with the simplest yet most heartwarming ingredients. They celebrate a way of life that goes back to the basics, the tradition, “The Daily Bread”.  

Le Pain Quotidien (pronounced as LE-PANG-KO-TI-DI-ANG) means “The Daily Bread” in French. Their Belgian founder Alain Coumont used to go to his grandmother’s house every week and enjoy a warming cup of chocolate. With Le Pain Quotidien, he wants to bring a piece of that warmth to us all. And he totally did it! Whether it was in the cold of Brussels winter, or in the buzz of London, or in the heart of hustling Hong Kong, Le Pain Quotidien never fails to be a home away from home for me, my refuge from the outside world. Here I know I can always find freshly baked bread, tartines with homemade hummus and spread, and soup and hot dishes to warm my body and heart. I love how I can just casually walk into any Le Pain Quotidien any time and settle down somewhere that matches my mood of the day. I may be tucked away in a corner with my favourite book, or chatting casually with a close friend about life. There is something in this place that awakens the gratitude in me, inspiring me to appreciate and embrace life. 

Whether you are a vegan or not, Le Pain Quotidien will not disappoint. Everyone will be able to find something they like here. The ingredients are all clearly stated and vegetarian and vegan options are clearly labelled. Staff are welcoming and knowledgeable and are happy to accommodate any other dietary requirements. They are all here to make you feel at home. 

Discover this gem for yourself, and enjoy some lovely moments there. 


Le Pain Quotidien in Hong Kong is part of Dining Concepts. Let’s discover more about Dining Concepts and their commitment to providing more plant-based options!

The story behind Dining Concepts

Dining Concepts is a progressive organization specializing in the development of quality dining experiences throughout Hong Kong with additional diversified businesses associated with the hospitality industry.

Founded and driven by restaurant entrepreneur Sandeep Sekhri, the group was established in 2002 and now operates more than 30 high performance restaurants and bars with exciting projects under development, in addition to the associated businesses within the portfolio.

Dining Concepts own and operate our own restaurants and partner with international chefs to facilitate the development of their brands in Hong Kong. Since its inception, Dining Concepts has developed and managed many of Hong Kong’s most successful dining outlets.

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Why did you choose to become a SocialVegan Eatery Partner?

In the recent years, there has been a trend for people to go vegan as they would like to live a healthy lifestyle and cause less harm to the environment by reducing meat consumption. We have recognised such change in the society and therefore we are offering more vegan options so as to accommodate their needs. By becoming a SocialVegan Eatery Partner, we could let more people to know that we are offering different types of vegan food and we will also be able to promote the plant-based diet to the public in the near future.