Last updated: 4 July 2019 

Address: Shop 6, G/F, The Hudson, 11 Davis Street, Western District

Phone number: (852) 3460-4996

Opening hours: Sunday - Thursday 8:00AM - 10:00PM; Friday and Saturday 9:00AM - 11:00PM


We must find a way to spread the word for people to try a variety of ways to reduce carbon footprint together and having a vegetarian and vegan diet is one of them.
— Bryant, owner of INFINITI C

I didn't know what to expect before I visited them. I stepped out of the K-town MTR station and within a few steps I was greeted by this lovely spacious cafe with plenty of plants and high ceiling, not to mention the smiling and welcoming team. Stepping into the cafe is like stepping into a garden. And this is pretty much their concept too! Back to nature - natural ingredients, eco-friendly practices like their coffee residue fertiliser, food compost kit, etc. All of these tie back to the values behind INFINITI C - that we should listen to our body and connect ourselves with nature again. Living in the modern age, we lose touch with what our body is made for. We fuel ourselves with chemicals that are not made for us. We don't know how our bread is made, not to mention all the additives that go into commercial products. We don't know what kind of processing our sugar has gone through before they ended up in commercially produced cakes. It's time for us to take a step back, to immerse ourselves in the back-to-nature vibes at INFINITI C, and to re-educate ourselves about how we should take care of our body.

Having witnessed the worsening allergy problems faced by those among us, the owners of INFINITI C want to create a space where all the allergens are labelled - not just to provide options for those with allergy but also to raise awareness of the allergy problems and also some of the reasons behind. For example, how modern day method of growing wheat and making bread modify the gluten content in our bread.

We are also thrilled to discover a lot of vegan options on their menu! Can't wait to try them all! From chocolate cakes to cinnamon roll cookies to masala chai (made freshly with their secret recipe with ground spices!) to hot chocolate made from ground cacao nibs. Looking forward to immerse myself in the oasis created by INFINITI C. 

To the lovely team behind INFINITI C!

What is the concept behind INFINITI C?

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Our primarily motive is coffee obviously, but I've always wanted to open a cafe that has low carbon footprint and be as eco-friendly as possible. That's why we try to use our ingredients as raw as possible. Not only are they fresher and free from chemicals, but they also produce less carbon footprint.

I also believe food choices are very important for a cafe, because most of the time food served in cafes are with stronger flavours such as with heavy seasoning and red meat. This can affect our taste bud when we taste our coffee after meal,  so food pairing also forms part of my decision when it comes to ingredient selection. We served mainly vegetarian and vegan food with light seasoning and raw ingredients. You can enjoy the food without worrying about blocking your palette by chemicals and heavy seasoning.



Why did you choose to become a SocialVegan eatery partner?

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As I mentioned briefly above about my concept of low carbon footprint. I'm sure there's absolutely no way a few people can make a difference of lowering the carbon footprint. We must find a way to spread the word for people to try a variety of ways to reduce carbon footprint together and having a vegetarian and vegan diet is one of them. Besides, you can enjoy delicious and healthy food while contributing to our mother earth, then why not?



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