Last updated: 5 November 2018 


Address: 3/F and 4/F China Mobile Flagship Store, 1L-1M Sai Yeung Choi Street South, Mongkok

Phone number: (852)  2622-2147

Opening hours: Monday - Sunday 11:00 AM - 10:30 PM



Hands-On is a nice cafe hidden up the 3rd and 4th floor of China Mobile Hong Kong (CMHK)’s flagship store in Mong Kok. You may not know about them before, but once you find out about it you will fall in love with it. The deco is fun with vibrant colours and the team behind Hands-On is absolutely amazing. I recall the first time when I went there, it was a rainy day and I was soaked (not the happiest moment in life). However, once I got there, I was greeted by the welcoming team and the relaxing ambiance. I had an amazing Portobello Mushroom Pasta and an Oatly Flat White, both of which were just divine. It was their attention to details from coffee to food to service that made the experience such a wonderful one. 

The Hands-On team has some of the most open-minded people I have ever met. How long does it take for an idea to come true in real life? How many reinforcing ideas do you have to come across before you take that first step? The Hands-On team is different. They immediately put their thoughts into action after a comment by their colleague, who expressed her own and her vegan eater friends' difficulties in finding vegan-friendly eateries in Hong Kong. They contacted us and we worked together to create the new vegan options! I am forever grateful for how receptive the Hands-On team has been to the plant-based idea and for their kind help in making a plant-based diet more accessible for everyone. 

Go check them out and I assure you that you won't regret! I am sure their Kale Linguini with Pine Nuts and the Chef's Salad with Beetroot, Strawberries, Mixed Nuts, Cherry Tomatoes, Quinoa, Pumpkin and Radish would be as divine as the Portobello Mushroom Pasta I had before! 

Tell us about Hands-On Coffee


Our Mission & Vision

A perfect cup of coffee is hard to come by. From planting, harvesting, roasting to brewing, it goes through a lot of complicated processes, each of which can alter the flavour of the coffee. For this reason, every cup of coffee is as unique as the personal style of each brewer. To brew your own perfect cup of coffee, you need to be fully engaged, stay focused on details and put in your own thoughts.

In Hands-on Coffee, our core vision is to extend the coffee spirit to the attitude of life through sharing our coffee knowledge and promoting specialty coffee culture.  To let you slow down your pace in the hectic urban life, enjoy a moment of peace and follow your heart.

We hope that every customer can find their own coffee flavour through Hands-on Coffee.

Therefore, we:

  • carefully select specialty coffee beans that score 80+ points from around the world;

  • have high quality equipment to perform fresh roasting locally;

  • deliver our professionalism and dedication to each of our products;

  • wish to light up your life with our coffee spirit and share every inspiring moment with you.

Our Coffee Shop

Hands-On Coffee is located at China Mobile Hong Kong (CMHK)’s flagship store in Mong Kok, occupying two floors. Situated in the core district, Hands-On Coffee is an oasis of calm in its bustling neighbourhood. Design of the shop is unique and full of character with the rich aroma of coffee filling every corner of the space. No matter it is for friends’ gathering, taking a break in your shopping, or enjoying a quiet moment with yourself, Hands-On Coffee is a perfect place to be.

With our passion for coffee, we source and procure high quality specialty coffee beans from all over the world for every coffee enthusiast, having it freshly roasted locally by champion coffee roaster, and carefully brewed by professional baristas in order that the distinctive flavour of every coffee bean can be brought out to its fullest, making every sip a lingering aroma. Besides coffee, we are also serving good quality food and dessert, like all day breakfast, salad, snack and pasta.Here in Hands-On Coffee, whether with friends or being alone, every coffee lover will enjoy the good times of serenity and warmth.

Why did you choose to become SocialVegan eatery partner?

One of our colleagues told us that she and her vegan eater friends had difficulties in finding restaurants to dine at in Hong Kong and recommended us to join the newly formed platform – SocialVegan. Thus, we designed a new menu and approached SocialVegan to provide a mutual beneficial solution for those #vegan eaters and our coffee shop.