Last updated: 10 April 2019


Address: 7 Old Bailey St, Central

Phone number: (852)  2796-6866

Opening hours: Monday - Sunday 11:30 AM - 3:00 PM, 5:00 PM - 11:30 PM


Stepping off the Tai Kwun area, you will find the door to this foodie paradise with a slightly mysterious touch. Once you are inside, you will be greeted with red walls and dark wood furniture, feeling at home with the classy yet relaxed ambience. 

A quick flip through the menu sparks a sense of amusement. Not only is it extensive, but it also catered to different dietary needs. There are so many classic Sichuan dishes as well as more creative ones that offer a contemporary twist to satisfy the more adventurous foodies! Vegetarians will also fall in love with this place immediately and now with their new special vegan menu, we are sharing this joy with vegan eaters as well! An update of their main menu is also underway to label all the vegan options! 

For those of you who love dan dan noodles as much as I do, hesitate no more! I would recommend that you sprint there now and enjoy a hearty bowl of intensely flavoured noodles in its peanut-based broth. Each "string" of noodle is engulfed in the rich broth and trust me you will not be disappointed! There are many other options as well - the stir-fried chilli yam blew my mind, the Impossible dumplings an instant boost of spirit, just to name a few. Be sure to bring along your non-vegan friends to show them how incredibly delicious plants can be!

Before we all indulge ourselves in the charm of the Sichuan experience, let's find out more about Chilli Fagara! 

We are very proud of our vegetarian options! The next step was to extend our more options to the vegan community.
— Chilli Fagara team

The story behind Chilli Fagara...

Established in 2005, Chilli Fagara first opened on Graham Street in Soho and soon attracted a loyal clientele with our authentic, fiery Sichuan cuisine. The shop's intimate size, burnished red walls, dark wood furniture and simple details create warmth, while our cuisine creates fire. Based on the Ma La Tang concept for numbing (ma), burning (la) and neutral (tang) tastes of Sichuan food, our menu represents the breathtaking range of culinary possibilities fashioned by our chef each day, all using the freshest ingredients. Our Sichuan specialties are for the daring palate. Dramatic and challenging, they offer an unforgettable experience. But there is also plenty on the menu for a relaxing dining experience with entrees that offer delicate flavor combinations. In 2015, we opened our second Soho location on Old Bailey Street in a more spacious venue where patrons can bask in the eclectic mix of contemporary and traditional Chinese décor, while enjoying the same fiery and complex flavors that our entrees are renowned for.

Why did you choose to become a SocialVegan Eatery Partner?

Since we open our doors in 2005, we noticed a shift in the way the world eats. We were receiving a high demand for vegetarian options, we observed and listened to our diners, and began to put together a small vegetarian menu, which then started growing throughout the years. We are very proud of our vegetarian options! The next step was to extend our more options to the vegan community. Thanks to the creation and development of vegan meats, we're able to offer similar flavours, textures and satisfaction of our original Sichuan dishes to them, which has now led to the creation of our Vegan menu and collaboration with Social Vegan, which is very exciting!