Why, and how do you become a SocialVegan eatery partner? 


Although there are more and more vegan and vegan-friendly eateries in Hong Kong, the majority of eateries in Hong Kong still do not offer vegan options. This does not mean that they are not willing to consider but this is more likely due to a lack of awareness. If an eatery wishes to obtain the SocialVegan label, all they have to do is to read through this page and approach us with either the gathered information or even just to shoot us a bunch of questions that you have and we will help you get through the process. Remember, including vegan options is not difficult. Having the heart and intention is all it takes. There may even be no need to adjust your ingredient list. You may have already included enough vegan items on your menu, or some simple adjustment of your menu may already do the trick. Once you obtained our SocialVegan label, we will then feature your eatery on our Facebook page so that vegan eaters can easily identify eateries that offer vegan options. We get more choices of eateries and you get more customers. Win-win! 


If you are interested in obtaining our SocialVegan label, please follow the below steps: 

Step 1 - Read the criteria for getting a SocialVegan label below. 

The criteria for an eatery to obtain the SocialVegan label are as follows:

  • 1 vegan item in each of the main food sections of the menu. If there are more than 2 main food sections of the menu, 1 vegan item from at least 2 of the sections will be sufficient.

If you offer any special menus (e.g. lunch menu) alongside with your main menu, it would of course be nice to include some vegan options but we will not evaluate your eligibility based on your special menus as long as you can fulfill the above criteria at all times during your food serving hours, taking your menus as a whole. 

To find out more about what “vegan” option means in the eyes of SocialVegan, visit our FAQ here.

We will review the application by eateries on a case by case basis based on the above guidelines. The guiding principle is that a vegan eater should be able to enjoy a proper experience in the eatery like everyone else. 

The eatery should, during its food serving hours, be able to offer the items included in the criteria. The reason for having this requirement is that a vegan eater should not have to be in a situation where he/she has sat down at a restaurant but contrary to his/her expectation is unable to order the promised items. It does not have to be the same items that the eatery submits in their initial application for the SocialVegan label but it should always make available as a minimum the number of vegan items set out in the criteria for obtaining the SocialVegan label - you can of course continue to explore other vegan offerings creatively! 

Step 2 - Read through your menu to see if the criteria can be satisfied without having to change your menu or whether you can update the menu to satisfy our criteria. 

If your existing menu can satisfy the criteria already, or if you have redesigned a menu that satisfies our criteria, please send an email to with the below information:

  • A short description of your eatery for us to determine which category of eateries we should place you in

  • A copy of your existing or proposed menu with clear indication as to the vegan items that satisfy the criteria 

If you need help with satisfying our criteria, please send an email to with the below information:

  • A short description of your restaurant for us to determine which category of eateries we should place you in

  • A copy of your existing or proposed menu and a description of the questions that you have. We will respond to your questions as soon as possible.

Step 3 - Once we have determined that you have satisfied our criteria, we will be in touch with you for the payment options (free for the first 50 eateries!) and other logistics (collection of SocialVegan label, stickers for vegan menu items, etc.).

We will also discuss with you further to create a feature on the SocialVegan Facebook page (, our Instagram page (, our website ( or other channels to promote your eatery to the vegan eater population in Hong Kong. 

If you are interested, contact us